CEO Taek-Jin Nam

EBS Docu ‘Mat-su’ (Rivals) Series – About 50 programs
EBS World Theme Travel Series – 11 countries, 48 Episodes
KBS Real World Series – 8 Countries, 18 Episodes
KBS Satisfaction of Five Senses ‘World is Delicious’ Series – 10 countries, 50 Episodes
KBS ‘Everywhere K’ Series
KBS ‘My Neighbor, Charles’ Series
KBS Reality Show ‘Rookie’ Series
KBS New Year’s Day Special
SBS Special
MCN Original Content
Promotion Video for , Education Department of Gyeonggi Province.
Documentary Feature
Jan. 2020 (Korean Independent Producers & Directors Association (KIPA) Award)
-KBS2 (The Suvivors)

Dec. 2019 (Goyang Industry Promotion Agency – President’s Award)
-Best Growth Award

Nov. 2019 (Seoul Regional SMEs and Startups Office – Director’s Award)
-Excellent Company Award

Feb. 2016 (The Program of the Month)
-KBS1 New Year’s Day Special Five-Part Series (My friend is seven years old.)

Apr. 2015 (KIPA Award – Current Affairs/Documentary Section)
-KBS1 Good Insight (North Korea, the Land of Opportunity – Control her Gate)

Oct. 2013 (KIPA Award – Infotainment Section)
-KBS1 Real World (Ethiopia Salt Caravan with Yeongwoo Jo: Two-Part Series)

Feb. 2013 (KIPA Award – Current Affairs / Infotainment Section)
-KBS2 Dining Table of the World (Indonesia with Phillip Choi)

Apr. 2012 (KIPA Award – Current Affairs / Documentary Section)
-SBS Special (Dear Congressman – Nine Day Wonder)

Dec. 2003 (The 8th YWCA’s Good TV Programs Award – Special Prize)
-MBC Late Night Special (Very Special Audio Sensory Journey)